Can we design our future tools to be healthier?

Healthy user’s initiative within Fresco is built as a feature to promote the need for creative’s to take regularised breaks & track their wellbeing through a series of workouts specifically focusing on the needs of illustrators.

Problem Statement:

A significant number of users of Adobe users' suffer from their creative task flow related health issues. It is important for artists to understand their pain signals & take some time out for individual self care. The drawing well-being feature hopes to address this through curated workouts, intelligent notifications & health dashboards that keeps our artist health & their creative juices flowing.




A review of the medical and ergonomic literature point to an increase in injuries due to mobile device usage:

"Research indicates that additional risks have been introduced to the neck, thumbs and hands when using mobile devices." (Honan, 2015)

"The prevalence of musculoskeletal complaints reported by mobile device users ranges from 1.0% to 67.8%." (Xie, Szeto, Dai, 2016)

"...frequent, regular use of a tablet may produce greater deleterious effects than regular use of other handheld devices/technology." (Szucs, Cicuto, Rakow, 2018)

Eye strain associated with digital devices is called Digital Eyestrain or Computer Vision Syndrome