Collaborators: Himanshu Seth, Ekta Agarwal, Smriti Gupta

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The need for contextual navigation in flat navigation model of Ps Express

Navigation Hierarchy Ps Express is an application with a flat hierarchy. It has all the tools for each workflow marked in the bottom bar while any contextual tools appear in the second level . While this has worked till now for single image edits, when it comes to multi image editing the pattern is not completely scalable

Focus on Image Since collage in most cases are a multi image edit and with collage offering many different types of layer masks, it becomes imperative for the user to view an image in context to the whole composition and in a single focus mode.

Layout Actions vs Focus Mode Editing

There are certain actions pertaining to image editing which we want to expose our users to even when they were in the collage workflow.

Current Scenario

In essence, we have all the collage actions currently at the frame level. If the user wants to edit any singular image we take them to editor workspace through the edit tool hidden in the Edit action at L0. This is a long drawn path for the user.

Competitive Audit Summary