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Through Adobe sensei, users could extract individual components from an artwork and add them to libraries for future inspiration. The targeted search allows the user to not only find their art but also extract other attributes like colour,t ypography, brushes & image references.


The design iterations focused on two major workflows:

The early wireframes focused on exploring myriad ways by which we could effectively combine the parameters of visual & traditional search patterns for our users in the fresco environment

The explorations also were intended to capture  the journey of having search from home screen as well as on canvas.

Visual Search in Home Screen: Search generated from combining 2 parameters: Drawing Area + Listed Search Parameters

Visual Search in Home screen 01.png

Visual Search in Home Screen 02: Focusing only on category based search results

Visual Search in Home screen 02.png

Visual Search in Home Screen 03: Tags based search

Visual Search in Home screen 03.png

Search from Canvas: Search categories & search results populated by layers & artworks. Search triggered from in-canvas. Search separated by attributes, artworks ( colour, typography etc ) & layer contents. Search triggered from in-canvas. The UX paradigm here was tab based with user being able to shift between artworks, colours & learn content

visual search in canvas.png


Final design explorations that capture's the user's search from the home screen, and then being able to identify and extract attributes to populate in their reference libraries.

The designs focused on the the artwork & its multiple elements simultaneously under each categories for the user to make an informed choice.